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The Witch’s Cross

Many workers consider the coming Fall the Season of the Witch. A great way to start the season of is by constructing a “Witch’s Cross’. This powerful ward protects the home from enemies as well as dark entities, and it adds a unique and powerful symbol to your home or working space.

What you need is two sticks or bones of about three to 6 inches in length. If using sticks try to select a tree that has particular properties that will help. You will also need a yard of black, red, and white cotton string (not thread, it will be too thin), a red flannel bag, a Mercury Dime, herbs of power and protection (our Black Arts Candle Fixing Blend is perfect for this), but can include rue, vervain, valerian, hawthorn, oak, willow, wormwood, Spanish moss, dill, High John Root, etc. Add oils that bring power and protection as well. Mix the herbs while chanting to your powers who aid you and place it in the flannel bag. You can place the Mercury Dime in the bag or string it up to be tied to the charm later. Cross the sticks or bones and lay them in the middle of the red string and start to bind the cross wrap around each arm alternating sides while chanting:

“As I bind this cross in red, I bind in power. This is the color of life and fire, blood, and heart. May health, life, and prosperity be the heart of this charm.”

Once you get close to the end, triple knot the thread and anoint with oil. Next take the white thread and place the cross in the center repeating the above chanting:

“As I bind this cross in white, I bind in purity. This is the color of peace and happiness, family, and wisdom. May blessing, fortune, and knowledge be the soul of this charm.”

Once you get close to the ends triple knot again and anoint with oil. Lastly do the same with the black thread saying:

“As I bind this cross in black, I bind with sorcery. This is the color of witchcraft and exorcism, ancestors and the arcane. May the gods above, and the gods below act as my sword and shield against my enemies!”

As you tie this last thread say:

“By my will (knot), the will of the divine (knot), and by the sacred arts of witchcraft (knot), so shall it be!”

Now tie the red flannel mojo bag, Mercury Dime, and other charms you see fit to it. Also include some string to hang the charm making an “X”. The core of the cross will also act as a spiritual crossroads for your power so on the night of every new moon dab whisky on the cross and any charms.

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.