Our History – BrujoBros

Our History

Beginning as ‘The Vodou Store’ in December of 2010 with only a select few products, most notably self-adhesive candle labels featuring the lwa of Haitian Vodou, a religion in which we are initiated as hounsi, the product line began to expand to include items related to hoodoo, conjure, witchcraft, and products featuring pagan gods and began to transform from a store carrying about 5 products to featuring over 1000. Our candle labels and prayer cards have been able to fill the need for many other religions and feature traditional prayers compiled with the help of experts within those religions, initiated priests, and scholars who specialize in those fields. Our working products such as our baths, incense, conjure rubs, dirts, sachet powders, gris gris, colognes, and oils, etc, are meticulously handcrafted staying true to the religions we have experience and knowledge. You can be assured we will never try to create items misrepresenting or misusing gods, spirits, or traditions we do not actively work with. It is our goal to create only the best and most authentic tools for our customers, tools that can be incorporated into any personal practice. Because of our vast scope of knowledge and multitude of spiritual traditions we observe, we felt it was time for ‘The Vodou Store’ to undergo a metamorphosis, one that caters to all of our traditions and stays true to who we are. That is how ‘BrujoBros’ was born. What started as a jovial name we called ourselves, it has now become a showcase of our many projects and talents, where we can celebrate who we are and what we do. We still hold our quality to the highest standard, and many of the products our clients have come to love are here, just under a name that is more true to our mission, to provide the community with legitimate, handmade products, made by witches, no matter their path.

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