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Make a Witch Bottle

Witch bottles are a fascinating and powerful part of witchcraft tradition. While they can be constructed multiple ways, here is one way that is simple, traditional, and effective.

What you will need is an empty bottle, and will do, one bottle of War Water, one bottle of 4 Thieves Vinegar, 9 pins and or needles, broken glass or mirror, broken blades, protective coins and charms, hair and nail clippings from the occupants of the home, urine, and wine. You can also add reptile, insect, or animal remains to act as a vessel for a protective imp.

Consecrate a working altar area and cleanse the bottle. Burn protective incense such as Fiery Wall of Protection, or even pure Dragons Blood resin. Start adding the pins, needles, blades, glass, and coins or charms, as you do so feel the Universe’s protective energy filling your home, emanating from the bottle. Shake the bottle of War Water and pour the entire contents into the bottle (don’t worry about a little residue that may still be in the bottle) and follow by doing the same with the 4 Thieves Vinegar. Gently swirl the ingredients together, still focusing on that protective energy. Now it is time to add your personal concerns adding the nails, hair, and urine. After that is complete, throw in your imp and feed with a splash of red wine, rum, or whiskey.

Place the bottle on your altar, at night, secure a black taper candle on the top of the bottle, and pray and chant over it stating exactly what you want it to do. Invite the spirits to inhabit the animal material you added and let the candle burn out completely, dripping over the bottle.

Ideally your bottle should be kept out of sight. We keep ours hidden in plain sight and always keep a black candle secured to the top which we light whenever we feel we need extra protection. We personally offer our Witch Bottle pennies and other coins to keep the spirit appeased. These are great tools, and are extremely powerful! If you feel you have been cursed by an enemy, you can throw your witch bottle into a fire, and if it explodes, it is said to instantly kill the witch who attacked you. As long as what you are doing is effective, get creative and build your own tradition, record each step of making your bottle and pass it down through your family!

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