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7-Day Candle Interpretion

In the spiritual world omens are everywhere and there are no such things as coincidences. You can use signs around you to guide your life and your workings if you only know how to interpret them. 7 day candles have long been used by rootworkers to read a specific working and determine its effectiveness, or warn of any problems or solutions. Just like reading tea leaves, the burnt candles can provide valuable insight.

The soot on a candle is one of the most recognizable results of burning a candle. While in the mundane world one might say this was merely soot, in the spiritual we know there is a message to be interpreted in that soot.

Black Soot

Black soot is a sign of negativity and witchcraft.

  • Soot does not travel all the way down the glass, is only at the top or perhaps stops in the middle, the negative influence or obstacle has been unblocked.
  • Black goes down the entire length of the candle. It means your working has been blocked and there are still things preventing you from attaining your desired result. It could also indicate someone has casted against you or has significant spiritual protection. If this is the case, burn another candle to try to break through their defenses.
  • Soot is at the bottom of the candle; it is a warning that negative influences are being sent to you. This can be the case when someone casts against you.

White Soot

White soot is another matter altogether. This can indicate spiritual communication, purity, and exorcism. It could indicate that the spirits have heard your prayers and removed the negativity from the working. This is especially true in unhexing rituals. Again, look at the amount of soot to tell you if it is completed or not.

  • Soot only goes halfway down or less, the cleansing was successful.
  • If the soot is carried through the length of the candle you may need further cleansing and spiritual work.
  • Soot is at the bottom of the candle, it signifies the presence of outside aid or help either spiritually or physically.
  • Candle burned half black and half white this means that one aspect is overriding the other. Look to which is on top to see what was undone. If black is on top, your spirits cleared it. If white is on top the spirits of another have combated your attempts.
  • Soot is on only one side of the candle, this is a sign that what you are doing is incorrect. Either the candle fixing wasn’t appropriate or the spirits aren’t happy with the candle itself.


The flame is by far the most important part of any candle working. The subtle actions of the flame can tell you a lot from the moment you light it, to the moment it goes out. Let’s start with lighting the flame.

  • Candle does not light this means that this type of working will not work for what you need and another type of spell should be used.
  • Candle lights and splits into two or more flames, this indicates the presence of others, either spirits, deities, or human, getting involved. Look at the rest of the candle to interpret whether this person is good or bad.
  • You are trying to split up a couple and both flames stay lit, the couple will stay together.
  • You are doing a working for attract a lover and the second flame seems to rise out of the wax, your working will be successful especially if both flames grow into one large flame.
  • Candle flame is high; it means there is a lot of power behind the spell and little resistance. If the candle burns low it means there is a strong opposing spiritual force and a cleansing and or banishing may be needed.
  • The flame makes a crackling or popping sound that indicates conversation. Either the spirits are trying to talk to you or the target is talking about you. Look at the purpose of the candle and the other actions of the flame to determine which is which.
  • The flame flickers, there is a spirit around. If the flame pops while flickering it is the spirit trying to communicate to you. Open yourself up to it. If it is a devotional candle and it is flickering it means you are in contact with your deity and any prayers or petitions will be heard.
  • You attempt to blow out the flame and it does not go out; this means the spirit does not want you to extinguish it. The same can be said if you blow it out and it lights back on. Let the spirit complete its work, something important may be in the works that you do not want to interrupt. If you are uncomfortable ask the spirit to protect the candle or ask for permission and try to extinguish it again.
  • The entire top of the prepared candle catches fire; it means all the resources of the prepared candle are being used due to spiritual influences creating obstacles. Look at the other signs to see if the candle was successful. If the preparations do not collect along the glass as the candle burns, but remain pooled together, it means all the resources are needed and will burn at the end of the candle. The soot, flame, and glass should be read for the outcome.
  • The flame burns high and calm and produces no soot if you are in the presence of a larger entity or guardian spirit, most likely benevolent. The same can be said for high aggressive flames that flicker in large strokes. These tend to be darker spirits and deities, both are there to listen or aid you.
  • The flame goes out while burning this means the spirits cannot help you and the answer you seek is already determined. This can also happen if you unexpectedly get the result before the candle is finished.


The glass retains the story of the working through the soot and preparation but the glass itself can tell you things about the spell.

  • The glass cracks but does not break it means there was some type of opposition that was broken. It may have been sent to the spell to try to deflect it or it may have been encountered along the way.
  • The glass does not break or shatter then the spell is protected and was successfully defended.
  • The glass breaks or shatters; it means you are up against something larger than yourself. Malicious forces have either protected your target or have been attracted to your working and are trying to interfere. It can also indicate someone is casting against you and you are not spiritually protected or strong enough as what was thrown at you was larger than what you were sending out. Either way, do a stronger working and light another candle to try to combat it.

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